SEP 18, 2019 - Accenture Content Studio, New York, NY

Women in Compliance:
Female Leadership in Financial Services 2019

Diversity, Mentorship, Advancement, and Leadership

Event Agenda

Using the survey data results, the round table will focus on the following broad themes in interactive panels:


- female representation across the firm, in senior management, and leadership

Career Opportunities

- gender-based salary disparities, perception of gender bias
- negotiating for promotions and raises
- opportunities to do big presentations
- work-life balance vs. career advancement


- professionally, where are you the most/least confident
- are you a risk-taker in regard to professional development
- what drives you (salary, title, respect, meaningful work)
- have you ever applied for a job based on your skill vs. being qualified on paper
- do you regularly pitch ideas, lead projects, volunteer presentations
- are you comfortable talking about your accomplishments


- do women support each other at your firm or is the culture not to do so
- do you have role models, mentors or sponsors
- do yo have access to professional groups/networks
- are any of them female-focused


- do you regularly interact with senior leaders in your firm
- have you received career advice from your manager or senior leaders
- are any of them female

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Accenture New York Content Studio


155 6th Ave 10th Floor
New York, NY 10013, USA
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Selected Speakers

Ron Brachman

Director, Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute; Former Head of DARPA, Yahoo Labs, AT&T Labs, Bell Labs and President of AAAI

Sam Regan

Managing Director, North American and Global Regulatory and Compliance Practice Lead, Accenture

Jennifer Cassedy
Jennifer Cassedy

Chief Compliance Officer, Mellon

Linda Wondrack

Head of Compliance for Advise Solutions, Fidelity Investments

Shruti Ganguly

Award-Winning Film Producer and Director

Rinarisa Coronel de Fronze

Chief Legal Officer & Chief Administrative Officer, Bravia Capital

Kathleen Corbet

VC Entrepreneur & Board Member, MassMutual Financial Group

Elizabeth Paige Baumann

Chief Anti-Money-Laundering Officer, Fidelity Investments

Rosa Licea-Mailloux

VP, Director of Corporate Compliance, MFS

Colleen Galle

SVP Asset Management Compliance, Fidelity Investments

Jill Evans

Vice President, Compliance, Fidelity

Event Description

Over the last month, we conducted the 2019 CSI Survey on Female Leadership in Financial Services. Collecting data from over a wide range of leaders and organizations, the issues addressed included titles, salaries, senior representation, mentorship, diversity, gender bias, confidence, acknowledgment, ideas, innovation, project management, culture, role models, networking and more. 

Our Annual September Women in Compliance Event, hosted this year by Accenture at the SoHo Content Studio in NY on September 18th, brings together senior female financial service executives along with selected leaders from other industries to discuss the survey findings in an intimate and interactive workshop style setting. 

CSI, Accenture and our member organizations look forward to seeing you in NY for a lively discussion. The findings of the survey and the event will be published in a whitepaper - we hope the results will help further educate and change the industry, for the better.

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