Women in Compliance

Interactive topics include female leadership in compliance, risk and data; tech deep dives into AI, blockchain, cybersecurity; empowering and mentoring the next generation of leaders, culture and conduct, new global regulatory developments, and more.

Leadership and Innovation in Compliance, Risk, and Data

Women in Compliance is a key initiative for CSI to create a global think tank and membership group for female leaders, across functions including compliance, risk, technology, investments, distribution and product. The goal is for female executives to discuss topics of importance to them, including leadership development, mentoring, and having a global network of leaders to exchange ideas and run complex issues by, from a female perspective. Join them.

Members and Roundtable Partcipants


Interactive Discussion: AI, Innovation, Technology

Accenture Innovation Hub, Boston


Leadership and Innovation in Compliance, Risk, and Data

The Standard Hotel, New York City